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Our highly experienced dealers deal in equities, bonds, treasuries, offshore funds, exchange-traded funds and foreign exchange, enabling clients to settle in any major currency.

For more information related to our Stockbroking Services, you can contact our dealers on the following:

Tel: +44 1624 623884

Stockbroking has been at the core of our services since the company was founded in 1946. Over the decades we have seen the modernisation of our industry; from the sending of telegrams to London, to having the major global markets at our fingertips through electronic trading.

Our dealing team are highly experienced in trading global equities, investment trusts, bonds, treasuries, exchange-traded funds and a range of onshore and offshore funds. Thanks to our ability to perform foreign exchange, we can provide you with the means to settle in any major currency.

Execution-only Stockbroking

If you require fast, efficient access to global markets with no advice, then this service is suited to you. Upon receiving your instruction; whether that be a basic ‘buy or sell’ instruction, or an instruction with a price target, we will achieve best execution for you either by using sophisticated electronic trading systems or negotiating a more complex order with a market maker.

When providing instructions, it is advised that you do this by telephone, as this is the most immediate method of communication and we can provide you with real-time confirmation. Alternatively, you can email our Dealing team, or call into our office where one of our friendly, experienced stockbrokers will be able to assist you.

Advisory Stockbroking

For those who wish to have control over their own investments, but would like to do so with the advice of our experienced team, Advisory Stockbroking could be the service for you. Once we have assessed your appetite for risk and any other personal requirements, we can discuss investment ideas, provide a second opinion on individual investments or discuss general market conditions. Trading will only take place if you decide to go ahead with the recommendation but there is no further monitoring by us of the performance or ongoing suitability of that investment.

Please note, this service may not necessarily take into account any other investments that you hold, or the structure of your portfolio unless you request us to do so.

Global Custody

The safety of your assets is of paramount importance to us, and we provide secure and reliable global custody facilities for both UK and international securities. UK assets are held in Crest whilst international exchange traded equities and bonds are held by Clearsteam, one of the two European International Central Securities Depositories based in Luxembourg.

In all cases, your assets are ring-fenced and completely safe. Professional Indemnity Insurance also protects you for losses arising from a breach of professional duty.

Included with our global custody service is the collection of dividends, interest, redemption proceeds and the processing of corporate actions.

Investment Administration Services

We are here to guide you through the process of dealing with investments left as part of a deceased Estate. We can assist you with the identification and verification of holdings, notify the Company Registrars of the death and produce a valuation to allow you to obtain a Grant of Probate.

Once Probate has been registered, we can facilitate the sale of the shares or transfer to the Executors or beneficiaries.

We can provide an accurate valuation of investments, which will assist in a number of situations, particularly corporate clients at their financial year end. Consolidated Tax Vouchers are produced at the end of each tax year to assist with the completion of your Income Tax return.

Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged share certificate can be a complex and costly process. We will apply for the letter of indemnity in order that you may obtain the replacement share certificate.

Pension Funds and SIPPs

Your pension savings are a vital asset and often one of the largest but did you know you can take control over how those funds are invested? We work with a number of providers who offer a range of pensions including Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs). Our investment services allow you to take control, offering a flexible and personalised approach to how your pension savings are invested. Our highly experienced investment team can offer a tailored investment service for your pension assets whether you are growing your fund, aiming to preserve your accumulated fund or taking a retirement income.

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