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General FAQ’s

1. Can anyone open an account with Ramsey Crookall?

Yes, we have an international customer base which includes private clients and entities (e.g. companies, trusts, institutions, introducers, pension funds, SIPP’s and charities)

2. What type of accounts do you offer?

We offer Discretionary Managed, Advisory Dealing and Execution-Only investment services, as well as our Shearwater accounts.

3. How do I open an account with Ramsey Crookall?

Depending upon your status (private client or entity) you will find an applicable Registration Form on our website. Please complete the appropriate registration form and return together with the documentation stated therein. For individuals we will require a certified copy of your valid passport and a recent utility bill, together with a copy of your bank statement clearly showing the Sort Code and Account Number.

Additional documentation will be required for Entities e.g. Annual Report & Accounts, Cert of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association/ Trust Deed etc. In the first instance please email the documents to us although we will require you to post/deliver the original signed copies to us together with certified documents. For all account types, we will require source of wealth and source of funds evidence. Members of our new business or compliance teams will advise you on this through the account opening process.

4. Do you offer help in opening an account and compliance matters?

Ramsey Crookall has a dedicated compliance team that follows the high standards you would expect of a well-regulated jurisdiction. We offer a pragmatic and helpful approach, with rapid turnaround times for account opening once all of your documentation is in place. For more information or assistance in completing the registration process please email or telephone one of our advisors +44 (0)1624 717171

5. Is there a minimum investment amount?

For Execution-Only accounts you can invest any amount when buying UK shares although we tend to recommend a minimum investment of £1,000. We also offer a low cost savings scheme- Shearwater Monthly Investment accounts, where you can invest as little as £100 per month into a range of selected open-end investment trusts. Our Discretionary Managed service requires a minimum investment of £250,000 or currency equivalent.

6. Is it straightforward to transfer my portfolio to Ramsey Crookall?

Yes, transferring your portfolio to Ramsey Crookall couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is email and request a Transfer from your Current Broker Form. You will also need to instruct your existing broker/custodian of your intentions to transfer your investments to us, we will do the rest for you.

7. What are your charges?

Our stockbroking charges are based on a sliding scale, and depend on what type of assets you are buying or selling e.g. UK/Overseas Equities/Gilt- Edged/Fixed Interest etc. Details are available upon request.

Our standard Discretionary Management fee is 1% per annum plus VAT although this is subject to negotiation depending upon the sums being invested. For more information, please email

8. Can I receive income from my portfolio?

Yes, you can elect to receive your income quarterly or in some cases more frequently. Income distributions are paid directly into your bank account. In the case of bond & gilt interest we will credit your bank account upon receipt of the coupon payment.

9. Can I reinvest my dividends?

Not all companies provide Dividend Re-Investment Plans (DRIP) but where a company has a dividend election scheme, it may be possible to reinvest your dividends into additional shares automatically should you so desire.

10. Will I receive an annual tax report?

Yes. Shortly after the end of your tax year, you will receive a Consolidated Tax Voucher which will summarise and list all your dividend income and interest received over the course of the financial year.

11. How can I view my portfolio?

You can view and access your account online, based upon the previous night’s closing prices. This includes multi-currency balances and a valuation of your holdings. Your investments can also be monitored 24/7, 365 days a year by accessing our Ramsey Crookall online Client Portal if you have not yet registered for the client portal please contact

12. How do I withdraw money from my account?

Please call us on +44 (0)1624 717171 or email and we’ll be happy to carry out your instructions.

13. How do I update my contact details?

Please call us on +44 1624 717171 or email and we’ll be happy to update your contact details. If you are changing your address we will require supporting documentation.

14. How do I close my account?

We are sorry that you are thinking of leaving. We would, however, appreciate the opportunity to discuss the account closure with you and ask that you call us on +44 (0)1624 717171 or talk to your representative. You will also need to tell us what you want to do with any remaining cash balances or investments held in your account.


1. Which Stock Markets can I trade on?

Ramsey Crookall can trade in Investments listed on the London Stock Exchange or on any major International Exchanges. We mostly deal in Equities, Investment Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds, Fixed Interest Bonds, Gilt-Edged and a wide range of Onshore and Offshore collective investment vehicles.

2. Can I trade in European and US stocks?

Yes, Ramsey Crookall provides direct access to all major global markets, including Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Australia, South Africa and some emerging markets.

3. What types of asset classes can I invest in?

We can trade in a wide range of asset classes – from equities to ETFs, fixed income securities, unit trusts, offshore funds, on any designated global exchange, settling in all major currencies.

4. Do you offer cross currency settlement?

We offer a foreign exchange service with competitive rates to enable settlement in any major currency.

5. Can I use my debit card to settle trades?

We cannot accept debit card payments. You can pre-fund your account with Ramsey Crookall by direct bank transfer, bank details available upon request.

6. When can I expect to receive funds after the sale of my Investments?

Settlement of sales is 2 working days after the date of sale when stocks are held electronically with ourselves. For certificated and fund sales, settlement is normally 10 working days.

7. Do you charge a fee for transferring my existing portfolio to you?

There is no charge for transferring your existing portfolio to Ramsey Crookall.

8. Who are you regulated by?

We are regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and we are Members of the London Stock Exchange.

9. Can I buy and sell my shares online?

At present we do not have this facility for our clients. Our preference is for transactions to be placed either by telephone or email.

10. Do you offer an advisory dealing service?

Upon completion of our Client Investment Questionnaire, one of our qualified investment professionals will be able to discuss your requirements and make investment suggestions that are suitable and appropriate for your circumstances.

11. Can I authorise a third party to place instructions on my behalf?

Provided we have written authority from you we can accept instructions on your account from your nominated person.

12. What are your opening hours?

We are open from 7:45 am – 5:15 pm Monday - Friday, UK markets trade from 8:00 am – 16.30 pm. If you wish to trade in overseas markets outside of these hours, we are happy to take instructions and leave orders with our overseas agents for execution during local market hours.

Investment Management

1. Are you able to provide tax advice?

No, we are not qualified to provide you with taxation advice and recommend that you speak with your accountant or taxation professional. We may, however, advise you if we feel you would benefit from specialist tax-planning advice, and if required, we will be happy to recommend a local tax specialist.

2. What types of assets will you invest in?

We will invest in the four major asset classes, Fixed Interest, Equities, Alternatives and Cash. We may seek to gain exposure to these areas either direct (stocks, bonds etc.) or via collectives (funds, investment trusts etc.).

3. What are “Alternatives”?

Alternatives are investments which are perceived to have a low or negative correlation to risk assets such as equities. These can include but are not limited to, property, gold, infrastructure, private equity and absolute return funds.

4. Will I have direct access to an investment manager?

Yes. As a firm, we pride ourselves in offering a personal service and that would involve ongoing contact with your investment manager, or, in their absence, a member of the investment team.

5. Can I receive email copies of my valuation?

Yes. You are also able to access your portfolio valuation via our online portal.

6. When will I receive valuations?

Valuations are normally produced at calendar quarter-ends and distributed to clients shortly thereafter.

7. What will I receive when a transaction is placed for my portfolio?

Shortly after the execution, you will receive a contract note containing the details of the transaction including any applicable charges.

8. Should I inform you if my financial circumstances change?

Yes, it is important to inform Ramsey Crookall of any changes in your financial circumstances, especially those that may impact your investment goals or perhaps mean that your investment time horizon has changed. Your investment manager is available to discuss such changes and what the best course of action might be with regards to your investment portfolio.

9. Why do I need to complete a Client Investment Questionnaire?

The Client Investment Questionnaire aids our understanding of the purpose of the investment and can prompt further discussion to assist with assessing the suitability and appropriateness of particular investments. The questions cover topics including your objectives, investment experience, attitude toward risk and your financial circumstances.

10. I wish to take on more/less risk, how do I go about this?

You should contact your Investment Manager who will be able to discuss any such changes and what the best course of action might be with regards to your investment portfolio.

11. Will you invest in any unregulated assets?

No, we do not invest in unregulated assets because by definition they carry a much higher degree of risk than regulated instruments.

12. If I wanted to liquidate my portfolio, how long would it take?

This will depend on the investments that you hold. Individual bonds and equities would normally settle two working days after the trade, but funds can take a week or more to settle. At most, your portfolio proceeds should be available within ten working days following the sale of your assets.

13. Do you invest in derivatives?

No. As a firm, we have a policy of not directly investing in derivatives. There are times, however, where we invest in collective investment schemes which may use derivatives to reduce risk or for portfolio management purposes.

14. I want to exclude certain asset classes/geographical areas, is this possible?

Yes, you will be able to inform us of any restrictions and preferences you have from the outset.

15. I already have a discretionary portfolio with Ramsey Crookall but wish to open an execution-only account, how do I go about this?

Please contact a member of the team who will be happy to guide you through the process.

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