Monthly Investment Account

‘Mia’ is the simple, cost-efficient way to save for your future – whether that is for your first home, a comfortable retirement or ticking off your bucket list.

Not everyone has a large lump sum to invest. By contributing regularly, you could build up a sizable investment portfolio. With Mia, you can put aside as much or as little as you choose each month, benefiting from our expert investment guidance as you grow your pot of gold.

Access to Global Equity Markets

Setting up an account is straightforward. We will assess your personal circumstances and help you understand your risk appetite. From this initial meeting, you will be able to make an informed decision on which Mia investment to choose.  The Mia investments provide easy access to global equity markets

Not only is it a simple and affordable way to invest but regular monthly investing also takes away the worry of investment timing by smoothing out the impact of market lows and highs.

A cheap way to invest

With Mia, there are no dealing charges or compliance costs.  The annual custody fee is just 0.5% and you can also easily view your investments in real time using our mobile app that gives you online access around the clock.