Other Services for IFAs

At Ramsey Crookall, we have been providing investment management and financial planning services to both local and international firms of intermediaries for many years, and have the experience to handle even the most complex of cases.

Intermediaries that recommend their clients to us do so in the knowledge that such referrals will be handled professionally and efficiently. Whether they are private individuals, companies, trusts or charities, we construct bespoke investment portfolios for each client. And unlike large investment houses, we do not push our own ‘in-house’ products.

Our skills and expertise in financial markets allow you to offer another valuable service to your clients; be it simple share dealing or more comprehensive portfolio management services.

As a trusted consultant to many IFAs and corporate service providers we have, over the years, developed a reputation for competency, efficiency and, perhaps most importantly, integrity. Above all, though, we recognise that building a strong working relationship with you is the key to providing an excellent service.

This trust and reputation that we have built up will leave you with the peace of mind that not only will your clients receive the highest possible level of service, but that we also have rigorous internal systems in place to protect your client relationships.

Communication with your clients will usually be through you, the intermediary, ensuring that you remain fully informed, thus protecting your unique client relationship. As well as providing you with copies of all contract notes, valuations and reports, we are also able to provide online portfolio valuation access, ensuring that you are always up to date with the progress of your client’s portfolios.

In addition, commission sharing is available for certain services if required.


Track your clients’ investments with our online valuations

For intermediaries, we offer an online valuation service that enables you to track your clients’ investments on an individual basis using real-time prices. You simply login to your main account – using the login facility at the top of the homepage – and your individual client accounts will be listed and accessible.

We understand the importance of you being able to track your clients’ portfolios and to stay in touch with their investments. It also enables you to provide your clients with ad hoc valuations at specific dates.


Trust and probate services for intermediaries

At Ramsey Crookall, our offshore fiduciary experience provides the expertise and craft vital to realising long-term wealth preservation and growth using trust and other fiduciary structures.

We have the expertise to advise trustees on their responsibilities, to help them formulate an investment policy meeting the needs of the various classes of beneficiary, and to take responsibility for the ongoing monitoring or management of any trust fund investments.

Regular reports and portfolio valuations will be produced for trustee reviews and year-end accounting purposes and our advisors are always on hand to attend trustee meetings if required.

In matters of probate, Ramsey Crookall offers a comprehensive service, including:

  • Arranging disposal of shares
  • Assisting in the dealing and apportionment of the estate
  • Verifying each of the holdings on the estate’s behalf with the appropriate registrar
  • Obtaining letters of indemnity for any missing share certificates
  • Drawing up the necessary transfer forms for sale or transfer
  • Arranging for re-issue of outstanding dividends
  • Supplying all documentation