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Make it happen for you with our Monthly Investment Account – a simple, cost-efficient way to save for your future. You can start your account today by calling or emailing us at:

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Low cost, flexible and affordable monthly stock market investing

Would you like to start saving monthly and take advantage of stock market performance?

Don’t have a lump sum to invest but want to start accumulating wealth?

Create a Monthly Investment Account (MIA) with Ramsey Crookall. Invest in global markets in a low cost, flexible way and benefit from stock market performance.

Time and again, studies have shown that investing in the stock market is one of the best long-term strategies to build up a sum of money. Making regular investments offers the opportunity for market fluctuations to work in your favour, because you are buying at an average price over a period of time. This is a strategy known as pound cost averaging.

How it Works

With our Monthly Investment Account, you can put aside as much or as little as you choose each month and invest into global stock markets. We have a range of investments available and to help you find the right one we will assess your personal circumstances and help you understand your risk appetite. From this initial consultation, you will be able to make an informed decision on which MIA investment to choose.

You can monitor the value of your investments 24/7 through our online valuation system. The valuation system is updated on a daily basis.

The Monthly Investment Account is very flexible and so does not have a specific term, but you should aim to invest for at least five years.

We also recommend you invest a regular amount each month.

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