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With over 65 years experience and expertise, you can be sure your money is in safe hands with our award winning wealth management services.

Whether you are looking for advice or for complete discretionary investment and wealth management, Ramsey Crookall is a trusted partner with a strong history and an excellent reputation at building our clients’ wealth over the long term.

Discretionary Investment & Wealth Management

Place the management of your portfolio in the hands of a highly experienced and trusted wealth manager with a proven track record.

Our Discretionary Wealth Management service allows you a hands-off approach to growing your wealth, giving you peace of mind that an expert is managing your investment portfolio.

Your wealth manager will agree a risk profile with you, monitor your holdings and make investment decisions on your behalf. They will be on hand to answer your questions at any time. You can also choose to increase your own involvement in decision-making if you prefer.

You can expect our Discretionary Wealth Management service to be:

– Focused on your needs
– Reliable and accountable
– Impartial and independent
– Competitively priced
– Strictly confidential

You will be able to monitor your portfolio through a secure, password protected online portal.

Advisory Investment & Wealth Management

If you prefer to make the final decision about any transactions involved in growing your wealth, our advisory service still offers all of the benefits of working with an experienced expert.

We will take care of the actual management and administration of your portfolio, as well as notifying you and advising you of opportunities – while you retain the final say on any transaction.

As well as access to view your portfolio via a secure online portal, we will provide you with regular reviews, valuations and market views to make sure you have all the information relating to the management and growth of your wealth.

Find out more about how we can help to build your wealth with our Discretionary and Advisory Wealth mManagement services by calling +44 (0)2034 112 714 or completing this simple contact form.