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RC Wealth Index

The RC Wealth Index is made up of six indices rebased in January 2010 to 100, and adjusted to show cumulative returns in GBP pounds. The six indices represent the following asset classes, and are chosen with a UK, pound sterling investor in mind: UK Equities, Cash, Property, Commodities, Classic Cars and Fine Wines.

Please note that while we use total return indices where possible, focusing only on these returns when considering investing in alternative markets like fine wines and classic cars may not be enough, as they omit dealing costs and costs of carry. Transacting these assets through auction or dealer can incur bid/offer spreads of up to 25%, and then there’s often storage and maintenance costs to consider. However one could argue these are offset by the hard to measure economic utility factor, or satisfaction one derives from, for example, consuming art or being able to drive your classic car.

Index Summary 1 year 3 years 5 years
UK Equity: FTSE 100 Total return I Share tracker 13.00% 15.35% 65.06%
Cash: GBP 3 Month Deposit 0.38% 1.64% 4.28%
Property: UK Property UK Nationwide 5.54% 20.70% 23.86%
Commodities: Continuous Commodity Index CCI 22.36% 1.46% -9.42%
Classic cars: Hagerty Blue Chip 14.85% 97.98% 172.10%
Fine Wine: Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2000 17.00% 41.20% 48.37%
Graph of All Wealth Indices from 2010 to Q3 2016