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At Ramsey Crookall clients may hold cash as part of their investment portfolios for strategic reasons, pending investment or following a sale or dividend. It may also be important to separate cash into either in an Income or Capital account. Interest is paid on the balances held and account holders receive statements plus a Consolidated Tax Voucher at the end of each tax year.

Thanks to the experience of our Treasury team, we are able to offer a personalised and flexible solution to your cash investments. We will typically place your cash on deposit in a pooled Client Account with a major clearing Bank.

Senior members of our Treasury team have over twenty years of experience in the industry, and their relationships coupled with our “buying power” means we can negotiate competitive prices for our accounts. For the clients this means superior rates of interest and highly competitive Foreign Exchange rates for currency transactions.

Clients wishing to access their cash accounts are not subject to any penalties and can contact us at any time to draw from their funds.

Please call us on +44 (0)1624 662088 to discuss interest rates and FX rates

Current “on call” interest rates as at February 2015:

GBP Sterling
Balances up to 100,000 – nil
Balances over 100,000 – 0.15%

US Dollars
Balances up to 100,000 – nil
Balances over 100,000 – 0.15%

Any balance – Negative 0.5%

For rates greater than $1mil please call to discuss