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We provide secure Global Custody facilities for UK and international securities. We have well-established relationships with recognised overseas depots, should you be dealing in multiple jurisdictions around the world.

We adhere strictly to the very stringent rules and guidelines of the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and the London Stock Exchange.

Our foremost consideration is the security of our clients’ assets, whether under our direct control or placed with a sub-custodian. Our Clearstream custody account in Luxembourg is used for the majority of international securities, including Eurobonds and European equities.

Our Nominee Service reduces the administration associated with investing and share trading – it eliminates the need for you to receive laborious paperwork and company correspondence.

A team you can trust

By working with Ramsey Crookall, you can have complete confidence in our award winning team. All our core members have decades of experience in dealing with international securities.


Should you choose to use the Nominee Service, your investments are registered and safeguarded in the Nominee company, Rene Nominees (IOM) Limited. This a separate non-trading company with insurance backing to ensure that your individual assets are safeguarded at all times. It is independently audited as well as being obliged to report regularly to the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority to demonstrate compliance and complete reconciliation of the holdings registered to it. Although the investments are registered to our Nominee Company, the beneficial ownership remains yours.


Dividends are collected on your behalf and credited to your separate Income Account held with us. These can be paid out at any frequency you require or reinvested when requested. Most clients investing for income purposes elect to receive an automated monthly payment directly to their bank account. At the end of the financial year we will provide you with a complete Consolidated Tax Voucher, detailing all of these dividend payments together with any interest you may have earned on your cash deposits held with us. This can easily be transposed to your annual tax return or passed on to your accountant or tax adviser.

Corporate Actions

If you were previously accustomed to dealing with certificated shareholdings, you will be used to receiving large bundles of paperwork directly from the companies in which you invest. Often these will be very lengthy documents requiring your attention before making an election or taking further action. Failure to respond to this paperwork will often result in a pre-determined course of action that may not have been the most beneficial outcome for you. When you elect to register your holdings in the Nominee Account, we receive all company notifications on your behalf. We will then contact you to explain the options available and advise accordingly where appropriate. Once a decision as to the most appropriate course of action has been made, we will then do the rest of the administration work on your behalf.


As the Nominee Service eliminates the need for certificates and transfer forms, delivery can take place much more quickly. Usual settlement is T+2 (two working days) which means that clients will receive their funds much more quickly.

If you would like to find out more about how we might be able to help you please call +44 (0)1624 662088 or fill in this simple contact form, and an advisor will contact you as soon as possible.