Investment Management and Stockbroking Services

Discretionary Investment Management Process

We focus first on asset allocation, i.e. which types of asset go into the portfolio. Asset allocation is the key factor in determining how well the portfolio is likely to perform. Having a diversified portfolio – one with a wide spread of investments across asset classes  – can blend income generation with capital growth, reduce overall volatility and deliver higher more stable returns.

When it comes to choosing specific assets, investment products and funds for a portfolio, we combine our own expertise with that of skilled external investment managers who are renowned in their specific markets and sectors. This open architecture approach means that we are continually searching the international markets for the best investment opportunities in which to deploy our clients’ funds, with complete independence.

The Discretionary Investment Management Service includes all the benefits of nominee administration, meaning that we are able to carry out transactions without sending you transfer forms for signing. We send contract notes when we deal and you receive valuations on a quarterly or half-yearly basis, together with economic and market commentary, and Year-end tax schedules.