Investment Management and Stockbroking Services

Trust and Probate Services for Intermediaries

At Ramsey Crookall our offshore fiduciary experience provides us the expertise and craft vital to realising long-term wealth preservation and growth through the use of trust and other fiduciary structures. We have the expertise to advise trustees on their responsibilities, to help them to formulate an investment policy meeting the needs of the various classes of beneficiary, and to take responsibility for the on-going monitoring or management of any Trust Fund investments.

Regular reports and portfolio valuations will be produced for trustee reviews and year-end accounting purposes and our advisors are always on hand to attend Trustee meetings if required.

In matters of probate Ramsey Crookall offers a comprehensive service including: arranging disposal of shares, assisting in the dealing and apportionment of the estate, verifying each of the holdings on the estate’s behalf with the appropriate registrar, obtaining letters of indemnity for any missing share certificates, drawing up the necessary Transfer forms for sale or transfer, and arranging for re-issue of outstanding dividends and supply all documentation.